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Praise God!

After a 4 hour plus train ride, I’ve finally reached Berlin. The city oft mentioned during my European history lessons.

The Berlin Hauptbannhoff is the largest and most majestic train terminal I’ve seen so far.

I soon got my bearings and ticket from the tourist info center and set off to find my tavern for the night.

It is slightly to the south of the city center and it is massive.

The three little pigs hostel. At least they understand English for them to have such a name for their place.

The hostel appears to have been previously a convent from the 19th Century and it has this huge ass hall that made me felt like some Asian recruit on his first day in Hoggswarts.

And the 8 room dorm was the biggest hostel room I’ve been in. No double bunk beds. They have like 8 of these dorms on each floor and they have like 5 floors worth.

I soon settled in and made my way to the closest attraction that was still open. Legoland!

Legoland had like 8 zones and you were supposed to stamp your visitor card with a stamp from each zone. They have like Dragon Zone, Pirates Zone, Indiana Zone etc.

In Indiana Jones Land, you answer questions about animals and press buttons to make lights and sounds!

In Dragonland, you take a ride and see Lego knights and a large size dragon!

 Of course, everything is made out of Lego in Legoland! I captained a Lego pirate ship and watched a Lego 4D movie in German.

You can even build your own Lego car and test if they come apart or build your own Lego building and see if earthquakes destroy. Yes, they have quake machines that tests the structural integrity of your building. Earthquakes = awesome!

If I was still a kid that is…

For dinner, I set out to find the famous Curry Wurst 36 in Berlin.

So there’s all these people queuing up and they stand around the metal tables and enjoy all these hot Currywurst with beer.

2 crispy and juicy German sausages lathered with crunchy fries and smothered in luxurious mayonnaise and curry sauce, topped off with curry powder.


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October 26, 2010 at 10:00 pm

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